Marque History


The Honda CBX 1000 had its roots in Hondas racing history, such as this RC166 250-6 from the 1960's. The CBX project was sparked by Honda's desire for a machine to put the company back at the forefront of motorcycle design. The CBX is a direct descendent of those race engines. The 1047cc CBX did not rev to anything like the speed of the racers, but many details were adopted, notably in the cylinder head, which used buckets and shims to work the 24 valves. A Hy-Vo chain turned the hollow, two piece exhaust cam, with another chain running from that to the inlets. The CBX also trod new ground by using magnesium for several engine covers. Not surprisingly when released to the UK press in early 1978, reaction was ecstatic. The engine was rated a masterpiece for its blend of smoothness and acceleration.

CBX 1000 Z, 1978-1979

The Honda CBX 1000 Z or "twin shock" produced 105bhp at 9000rpm, 4 valves per cylinder, a bore and stroke of 64.5 x 53.4mm and a top speed of approximately 140 mph, arguably making it the fastest production bike of its day. It had twin front discs and a single disc at the rear with a dry weight of 249kg.. It came in Candy Glory Red and Perseus Silver with a Black option in some markets. The US/Canadian version sported higher bars and other slight differences such as a larger alternator. The price for a new CBX/Z in 1978/79 was £2750 and around 25000 CBX-Z are thought to have been produced.

CBX 1000 A, 1980

The Honda CBX 1000 A, most easily identified by it's black reverse comstar wheels, was developed as a refinement of the previous Z model. A number of details were improved, for example, the swing arm bushes. The CBX-A was also detuned to 98Bhp, and not available in all markets including Britain. It also came with a novel lockable glove box in the tail piece. It was available in Candy Glory Red, Black and Perseus Silver in very small numbers. It is thought that about 4950 A models were produced. Although not available in the UK it was sold for the equivalent of just under £3000.

CBX 1000 B, 1981

Honda made major changes in 1981 with a complete change of direction for the CBX. It was now marketed as a "Super Tourer" complete with full fairing and luggage. The most notable other change was the rear suspension which was changed from the twin shocks of the Z and A to Honda's Pro-Link design, hence this model is often known as the "Pro-Link". The CBX-B was only available in Magnum Silver (as seen here) in the UK but was offered in Pear Altair White in other markets. Its price new was £3495, and it is estimated that 2750 CBX-B's were produced worldwide.

CBX 1000 C, 1982

The CBX-C marked what was to be the last in the line for the CBX Six. Only minor changes were made from the CBX-B, such as the pillion grab rail behind the rear seat. Pear Altair White was also introduced as a colour option for the USA. The CBX-C was priced at £3500, and only about 2750 were produced.