Log in problems:

There are two logins for our club website.

1st: Login to the Members Area. For this you will need the current credentials in the most recent magazine.

2nd: Login to the Forum. For the forum you create your own username and password by using the 'register' link at the top, right on the Forum page.

If you have already registered then just use the Login link next to 'register' and enter the details you previously chose.


There is sometimes confusion is here. The passwords from the magazine are only for the first one; the members area.

The forum username and password can only be created by yourself and not the club.

If you are still having problems logging on after using the correct passwords, please close down all browser windows and start with a fresh browser window.

Note: If you do not close down your browser window you should not need to enter the first login (Members Area) again as you have already authenticated to get to the members area. You can just go straight to the forum....