About Us

This is a short overview of the CBX motorcycle and information about the club. If you want to join, then please can you fill in the application form with as much information as possible. We only keep your information on computer for ease of printing labels, etc. Any information you supply will not be passed on to any third party. If you require any assistance with the form do not hesitate to contact us.

The Honda CBX 1047cc with its 6 transverse mounted cylinders, 6 carburettors, air cooling, 24 valves and double overhead camshafts, was in its day the most powerful street legal motorcycle in production. It weighed in at 572lbs (wet) and had a top speed of around 140mph and 105bhp at 9,000 rpm for the early 1000Z model. Later models had a top speed of around 135mph.

The first 1000Z model was produced in 1978 with twin shock absorbers and twin front disc. The revamped model of 1981 had a full fairing with panniers, a mono shock and twin ventilated discs, making it an ideal touring motorcycle. The early model available in the UK was the 1000Z and the later pro-link models the 'B' and later the 'C'. The club also has a number of members with the U.S.A. spec A model which has air forks and needle roller swinging arm bushes. Several members have Moto-Martin and other non standard CBX'S. Z frame numbers commence CB1, and A, B & C models commence SCO.

The CBX Riders Club was founded in 1992 by Pete & Rusty Broad and has over 500 members throughout the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, USA, Canada and even Japan. We have rallies both here and abroad, with many areas having regular local meetings. Members receive a quarterly colour magazine; CBX rider which is between forty and fifty pages, advice on classic insurance, access to technical advisors, access to spares via club mag and club website. You will also receive your membership card and cbx pin badge on joining. Free hire to members of six cylinder vacuum gauges, you just pay the postage each way. Plus shows throughout the country and has many local area organisers who are always happy to help. The club's annual rally is held each year in the UK. We also have a club stand at most of the larger classic shows and members are encouraged to show their bikes.

Membership of the club runs from 1st April to 31st March and is £25.00 per annum (£2.50 per month if joining mid year) plus a £5.00 surcharge for new members for administration. Overseas membership including Republic of Ireland is £35.00 per annum (£3.00 per month if joining mid year) plus a £5.00 surcharge for new members for administration. Additionally family membership (must be family not friends) is £6.00 per annum (50p per month) is available.

Payments can be made by cheque payable to the CBX riders club or via PayPal or standing order. Please contact club treasurer Tony Smith on treasurercbxclub@tiscali.co.uk if you have a question.

There is no fee for PayPal transactions / payment. The PayPal email address to use is: treasurercbxclub@tiscali.co.uk and place a note on your application form that you have sent a PayPal payment. Please use the 'send money' section and use the 'personal' section and the 'personal payment owed' section which will ensure the club receive the full amount of your subs.